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The Absorber Car Chamois Towel 26″x17″

Main Feature

  • Dries anything faster and easier.
  • Cleaning without water spots
  • Dustless cleaning
  • Large size – 27″ x 17″
  • Reusable for hundreds times

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The Car Chamois towels is made of PVA(Hyper-evaporative) material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch. it is not a leather chamois, nor is it a terry cloth towel, but could be one of the best drying tools you’ll ever discover. The secret of Car Chamois’s power it feels like a cloth,but absorber like a sponge.Once dries up, just re-soak in the water, it is soft and reusable again.

Quick, Durable and Reusable – The Car Drying Chamois

A car drying towel that you can reuse a hundred times without having to compromise on its effectiveness! That is exactly what you can expect from the chamois car wash towel. Wipe and dry your car to make it squeaky clean with the synthetic multipurpose chamois towel.


D-shape Tube W 26″ x H 17″



  • PVA evaporative material
  • Large size – 26″x17″
  • Soft & smooth surface
  • Dries anything faster and easier
  • Reusable for hundreds times
  • 2-3 times absorbrer than others
  • Durable daily necessary
  • Ideal for car/pet/household drying

What’s the Car Clean Chamois Towel made of ?


The cornerstone of  the Car Clean Chamois Towel that sets it apart from any other towel in the world is that is constructed using PVA material, wheat starch, and cotton mesh. It is this design and integration of materials that produces the best drying, soft, and most innovative towel in years.


Why choose PVA Clean Chamois as a Car Towel ?


Strong Water Absorption — When you wash your car or a boat, you want to avoid the spotting that is common. This is generally due to the water drying in the sun before it’s wiped off. It is also a common side effect of poor drying from the towel.


The PVA Chamois Car Clean Towel takes absorption to an entirely new level, providing an incredibly fast and effective absorption rate. It can also soak up to 8 times the amount of water by volume than its own material.

Within a matter of seconds, the PVA Car Chamois Towel will collect water and completely dry virtually any surface or object.


Leaves Behind No Residue — A common complaint that many people have with regard to traditional style towels is that they can leave behind a residue when cleaning. Whether it’s cleaning a car, windows, or any other surface, the last thing you want is to deal with residue.


The PVA Car Clean Chamois cloth avoids these common problems through a special weave design. No more lint, other fabric, or streaking will be noticed when using the Chamois Towel for just about any cleaning project.

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